Taking the fight to the mortal realms with Gotrek is something to be highly commended and to reward this most heroic of efforts, we have some great prizes on offer thanks to our sponsors.

First place will receive this commissioned Gotrek, painted by none other than Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly fame! When I get my hands on this beautifully imagined Gotrek, I will pop him on a plinth with ‘Meta slayer’ engraved, to create a truly amazing prize worth fighting for. Visit Vince’s Instagram here to check out all his amazing hobby.

Honest Wargamer – have not only helped make the website and main prize possible, but would like to invite the winner onto the show for an interview to cover Gotrek’s most glorious moments!.

Element Games will send the top 5 places a £10 voucher to use at their store or online!

Pro Painted “I will create a custom movement tool, set of measuring sticks, and wound dial all for use with Gotrex” for the winner

Davis Ford the amazing talent behind AoS Reminders has offered a free years subscription to this most useful of AoS tools for the top 3 places!

The chaps behind the UK’s largest AoS competitive event BOBO are offering a free ticket to their Summer event to the winner!

Alex Jones from Ghost Arm Painting has offered to paint up a hero blister of the winners choice to his highest standards!

A special prize will be sent out to the worst performing Gotrek over 3 events, courtesy of the Northern Invasion Podcast. A start collecting box of your choice to help you start a more competitive army!

Special thanks to Maxime Julian from the South London Legion for creating this website in his spare time, what a legend.
To Ben Curry for sharing the BadDice ranking system with us, much appreciated.

And huge thanks to all our sponsors that are offering these amazing prizes!

Without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible.

If you would like to support future any future endeavours, you are most welcome to send me a coffee here.

I’m now affiliated with Element Games, I’d really appreciate you’d making your hobby purchases through this link for a free way to show support. Use this promotional code for double crystals (their loyalty scheme) DAR0628 and we both win!

Thanks for taking part, I can’t wait to hear all about Gotrek’s global adventures in the next 12 months! 

Time to run your thumb along that axe…