“You ask a lot of questions, Manling. You know what I think? I think you need another drink”
– Gotrek Gurnisson, Battle of Khazad Hurn

Welcome brothers and sisters, to a global competition to celebrate one of the all time greatest fantasy characters. Gotrek Gurnisson.

The rules are pretty simple. Compete competitively with a list that contains Gotrek.

Submit your final placing, number of players/games played, faction used and the name of the event to me over Twitter (@positivevictim) or email them to [email protected]. You may also submit the list you used and Gotrek’s kills throughout the tournament, if you’d like to keep track of his glory!

We will be using the ranking system as http://www.rankings.baddice.co.uk/ though the top 3 results will be used rather than the top 4 to decide where players will rank up against their fellow competitors. Special thanks to Ben Curry for giving us his algorithm.

The competition will run for the next 12 months (Dec 2019-Dec 2020), with latest submission being the 23rd of December, with the winners being announced officially on Christmas Eve 2020. Though any results from previous events maybe be entered.

**EDIT** Due to Gotrek battling Covid-19 and competing in the Mortal Realms being inaccessible for so long, the end date has been lengthened to the General Hand Book 2021’s release date next summer.

There are a number of awesome prizes for those competing. Please do check out all our lovely sponsors here… Thanks one and all for your most excellent contributions, not bad for Manlings!

Previous results for Gotrek maybe submitted for any event he was used at after his release.